Thank you from ISS Sindelfingen

Sindelfingen knowledge days at Karanfil Engineering

Under the motto "Testing and measuring prototype vehicles", 14 students from the 8th class for natural sciences at the International School of Stuttgart e.V. The students had a lot of fun creating the Tetris blocks in CAD, and they also found the soldering work to produce their own personal circuit board interesting.

As a thank you, we received a letter from the students with their personal impressions.

Here are a few excerpts

„I enjoyed the making the Tetris blocks on the computer, as well as soldering the aluminium the stick an the LEDs into the board, because it was very satisfying to see the metal melt and then see it solidify again“ – Tim

„I really enjoyed soldering the circuit board. I like this because I like working with unfamiliar activities, and it was interesting melting the metal to bond the wire and the board together. I liked seeing that I made working hourglass, and it was a fun new experience.“ – Cate

„I really liked going into the car and learning about the different things that go into making a car. It was fun to do hands on things like the circuit board and playing around on the computer program.“ – Valentina

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